Frequently Asked Questions FAQs

Find answers to questions that are often asked.

  1. How does Tfumela Bulk Messaging work?

    Once you have signed up for your FREE account, load your contacts either as single entries or using our bulk upload method. Purchase a suitable SMS bundle and send messages. Click here to download the Get Started on Tfumela Bulk Messaging Guide.
  2. Do I have to pay to have an account on

    No. You only pay for the SMS bundle you buy to use.
  3. Which SMS Bundle options do you have?

    We have 8 different packages (Personal, Entry, Basic, Standard Pack, Business, Corporate, Super, Jumbo) to cater for your different needs. Click here to view them
  4. How do I pay for the SMS Bundles Packs?

    • MTN MoMo — send MoMo payment to 78400084. Remember to add the withdrawal fee.
    • Bank Transfer/Deposit — Onswaziline Investments, Account No. 020000369846, Branch Code. 360164, Nedbank Swaziland
    • Referencing — Use the name Tfumela plus bundle name and your mobile number as a reference e.g."Tfumela Standard 78090055"
  5. How long are the SMS Bundles Packs valid for?

    The SMS Bundle Packs are valid for the calendar month during which they were bought.
  6. What is an SMS?

    An SMS is one single GSM text message of 160 characters or less sent to a MTN Eswatini mobile number. For example, if you send the same message to 100 people you will use 100 SMSes.
  7. Can I send longer messages?

    Yes. When 160 characters just isn't enough, you may send longer text messages of up to 456 characters.
  8. Which number format is expected for contact numbers?

    We expect an 8 digit number without the country code or spacing e.g. 78090055
  9. Can I add many contacts at once?

    Yes. Click here to download the CSV Template for bulk contacts upload.
  10. Can I send to a Eswatini Mobile contact number?

  11. Can I send internationally?

    No. This functionality is currently not allowed.