No SMS Spam Policy

We DO NOT promote irresponsible messaging. subscribes to an Anti-Spam policy for all of our SMS communication platforms. We therefore do not condone unsolicited direct marketing messages sent by an individual or company to a person who has not consented to receive direct marketing messages.

WASPA - The Industry Body adheres to WASPA’s code of conduct and will do its utmost to promote responsible messaging.

For individuals or organisations sending direct marketing message via SMS:

There are three steps to follow when sending out SMS messages for promotional campaigns:


You should only be sending out SMS messages to customers who have consented to receive marketing messages from you. There are two types of consent:

  • Express consent – the message recipient has specifically requested messages from you/your company or organisation.
  • Inferred consent – there may not be a clear indication of consent, but due to an existing relationship with the customer, it is expected that you/your company will contact said customer.


Your messages need to clearly indicate the person, company or organisation that is sending the message.


You should always offer the recipient the option to stop receiving your communications, allowing them to indicate that they no longer wish to receive SMS messages from you/your company or organisation.

For consumers receiving unwanted SMS messages

If you have received an unwanted text/SMS message from, the quickest way to block someone from sending messages to you via BulkSMS is to reply to the sender's SMS with the word STOP.

Updated July 16, 2020